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What We Do

Our customized sales training skills curriculum teaches salespeople to adopt a problem solving orientation when interacting with clients and internally.  As a result, they are better positioned to build trust, identify more meaningful and shared solutions and cement stronger relationships. They learn more about their clients, uncover more needs, make more tailored recommendations, and achieve goals faster.  As a result, participants have the knowledge to maximize their sales performances.


Situation Analysis

We work with companies to assess both the quality of their sales process and the people in the organization required to implement that process.

Needs Assessment
We will work with you to identify the key sales challenges, business strategies, goals and skill gaps for both the sales force and sales managers.  We accomplish this through interviews, surveys, a needs assessment tool and a review of our findings to ensure that our recommendations support your objectives.

Training Audit
We will review your current sales training curriculum(if one is in place) to help identify next level training that will build on and support your existing sales training culture, or offer new ideas for developing a meaningful sales curriculum.


Training and Development- Our Curriculum

We provide customized and comprehensive training solutions for salespeople and sales managers. Here is our list of our core programs. Click any of them to read more about each program.

To speak with our Director of Sales, call (203) 247-4119.  To contact our main facility, call (203)-227-7907.  We look forward to speaking with you.