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Before you take corrective action…

All managers have to take serious actions to deal with performance issues at times. But before considering probation or termination, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions:

Do they have the skills to do the job? If someone isn’t performing, it could be due to a skill-gap. If they can be learned easily through a book or training program, consider giving your employee the opportunity to learn those skills.

Do they understand what you expect?—Your people can’t perform their best without a clear understanding of your expectations. Be specific and communicate them often. After all, if we don’t let them know what we expect, how can we expect them to do what we want?

Do they have the tools to do the job?—Some people need more support than others, and tools can help them perform. Being in sales, we all have a variety of tools at our disposal, whether they relate to planning, strategizing, conducting sales calls, prospecting, cross-referring, or obtaining product knowledge. Make sure that your team knows what tools are available to them – and that they are using them optimally.

Do they need coaching?— Most of us try and coach everyone on our teams—from our superstars to our poor performers. But if someone is failing, they need a little extra attention. Reinforce what they do well, identify where they need to improve and work with them to deal with their deficiencies. If you end up having to take corrective action anyway, at least you know that you made an effort.

What else should be considered? Leave a comment below.