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Innovative Team Selling

In this highly interactive course, participants learn how to effectively harness the full power of selling as a team effort. They study the dynamics, structure and function of winning sales teams, with emphasis on problem-solving sessions; assigning roles and responsibilities; and planning, conducting and following up on joint or team sales calls. Extensive video practice allows them to observe and hone their skills for maximum learning and retention.

Course Objectives:

Participants of Innovative Team Selling will learn how to:

  • Conduct effective team meetings to develop innovative strategies for working with their clients and prospects
  • Generate, develop and implement new ideas as a team to increase the probability of winning the business
  • Transform team selling situations into problem solving opportunities
  • Apply positioning, active questioning, and listening skills to effectively work together internally as a team, and externally with the client to develop deeper relationships and more business opportunities
  • Conduct effective joint sales calls in a well-coordinated and client-focused manner that utilizes all the team members involved

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