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Advanced Consultative Selling Skills

Our Advanced Consultative Selling Skills program takes participants deeper into the consultative selling process. The program explores how Emotional Intelligence influences the salesperson’s and the client’s behavior. Participants will also learn how to bring a creative problem solving mindset to bear on client interactions to help them become strategic advisors to their clients.

Participants practice on video using customized cases to help them increase their self-awareness of what’s helping and hindering them in selling situations. They will receive coaching on ways to improve the quality and outcomes of their client and prospect meetings.

Program Objectives

As in our Consultative Selling Skills program, participants in the Advanced Consultative Selling Skills program will learn how to:

  • Connect with clients and build trust-based relationships
  • Get client meetings off to an engaging and productive start, so everybody understands the structure, purpose and intent of the interaction
  • Use an effective questioning methodology to learn the obvious and not so obvious needs of clients
  • Understand the positive impact on the client experience of disciplined listening.
  • Learn how to review what clients say (and sometimes don’t!) to increase the probability of closing the sale
  • Present recommendations and ideas in a way that is most persuasive
  • Resolve client objections using a skillset that will deepen the client relationship
  • Develop facilitation skills to improve the outcomes of client meetings and shorten the sales cycle

In addition, participants in the Advanced Consultative Selling Skills program will learn how to:

  • Elevate relationships to become a strategic advisor to more clients
  • As a strategic advisor, bring clients new and different ideas
  • Engage clients using a creative problem solving orientation to increase the probability of arriving at best-in-class solutions
  • Improve their sales performance by receiving specific and actionable feedback and coaching during video-based practice sessions


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