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Client Testimonials

The Baron Group makes its sales training relevant and applicable, empowering its students with needs-driven, team selling skills. Our sales organization has acquired a host of invaluable insights from The Baron Group’s experience and expertise. Their fresh approach to training ensures complete comprehension of the material. Our team regularly uses Baron’s innovative lessons and techniques, with both internal and external clients.”

CEO, Global Corporate Trust, BNY Mellon

I’ve worked with The Baron Group for twenty years and Consultative Selling training has played an important role in the success of each of the three organizations I’ve led during that period. An advertising agency is challenged daily by the need to sell the most elusive and intangible of all products: creative ideas. Our clients examine the ideas we present through a wide range of lenses – some quite subjective. The Baron Group has helped us develop strategies to engage clients more meaningfully in selling situations, keep our ideas sold after the presentation and send our people into meetings far more confident in their ability to achieve our objectives. We’ve trained all of our senior management in these techniques and watched the benefits cascade throughout the organization.”

Chairman, BBH North America

The Baron Group’s approach to training salespeople and marketers has significantly impacted our organization. We have seen increased business on the specific teams they work with, in addition to stronger client relations. The skills and techniques The Baron Group teaches are usable and applicable, yet also sophisticated and innovative in their delivery. I would recommend them to anyone whose sales and marketing teams are asked to add value to their client relationships.”

Senior Partner, Director of Organizational Learning & Development, Ogilvy