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Our Approach

Faced with new challenges and greater complexity at every level, your clients expect more than just a product or service recommendation from your salesforce.

The most successful sales professionals are perceived as strategic advisors first, salespeople second. They look at client problems as puzzles to be solved and bring their most creative ideas and solutions to the table.

This kind of thinking takes an entirely different kind of approach — and a different kind of training. That’s why all of our solutions are grounded in these proven, foundational elements:

Consultative Selling Skills

Course participants learn and practice the consultative sales process, skills and behaviors needed to connect with clients and understand their organizational, job-related and personal needs. Designed around the most sophisticated and relevant sales concepts, but delivered in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow manner, our programs provide real value and tangible skills for the seasoned veteran and the new sales professional alike.

Problem Solving Model

Using our signature problem-solving model, participants build the creative thinking skills to approach client issues in a new way, giving them a distinct advantage when it comes to winning new business, increasing deal size and strengthening their existing relationships.

Video Practice and Self-Reflection

By observing their actions on video, participants develop a heightened awareness of their personal style, delivery and impact as well as key strengths and areas for improvement. This makes a significant difference in the time-and cost effectiveness of the training.

Facilitators Who Know Selling and Training

Our facilitators are handpicked from a carefully sourced network of the most talented trainers in the industry — each with an extensive and accomplished background in business, sales, coaching and training.

A Commitment to Best Practices

We are committed to helping participants in our programs acquire the skills, behaviors and best practices to help them be even more effective in their sales roles. We do our best to create opportunities for each participant to receive individual coaching from our excellent, skilled facilitators.