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The Baron Group is a leader in providing customized sales training solutions that get results.

Innovative Team SellingWe believe that the highest level of selling is when sales professionals transform client meetings into problem solving opportunities. Participants in our corporate sales training program learn a specific process and the skills that make that happen.

Our use of videotaped practice sessions offers participants the opportunity to increase self-awareness and confidence, and learn from group experiences and facilitator feedback.   Change occurs when participants embrace the desire to learn, self-discover, and develop new skills, attitudes and behaviors to reach their next level. Our programs provide participants with the opportunity to leverage their strengths, identify areas of growth, and as a result improve sales performance.

Eric Baron’s latest book, Innovative Team Selling provides readers with an in depth knowledge of how to work effectively  as a  team to compete in today’s global environment. Read more…

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With over 30 years of experience, The Baron Group is a leading sales training provider. We offer a fully customized curriculum of sales strategy, selling skills and consulting that supports our clients objectives and drives sales results.

Our Approach:

We recognize that every sales organization is unique and the needs and skills required to develop salespeople vary.  Our in depth customization helps to ensure  that we address the needs and challenges of each client to improve sales performance.


Our methodologies include mini lecture, group discussions, skill drills, practice exercises and videotaped role plays. All are designed to create a relevant and challenging learning environment that promotes skill development.


The Baron Group  offers an in depth sales curriculum of programs that enable our clients to address a broad range of skills based training and consulting  that will support your sales objectives and provide the tools to meet your goals.

You will also benefit from our 30 years of experience in the sales training industry and our work with multi industry groups  including:  Banking, Financial Services, Professional Services, Insurance, Consumer Products, Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Bio Tech, and others.

We are eager to get started with you. Call or email us today:  To contact our Westport, CT training facility call Dana Czuczka, 203.227.7907 or  email us at  We look forward to learning about your training and consulting needs.